SHERBELL, Shepard, Ed. [William S. BURROUGHS; Allen Ginsberg; Gregory CORSO; et al.] East Side Review. Jan/Feb 1966.

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SHERBELL, Shepard, Ed. [William S. BURROUGHS; Allen Ginsberg; Gregory CORSO; et al.] East Side Review. Jan/Feb 1966. New York: East Side Press, 1966.

Large 8vo., original wraps printed to upper cover in black and sepia, and black/bronze to lower; pp. 96, with numerous articles, illustrations and photographs printed on a wide range of different coloured paper stocks; a near fine copy, exceptionally clean internally with some light scratches to covers, lower panel with some marginal brown spots; a lovely example.
First edition.A one-of-a-kind copy of this 1966 maiden issue, signed by Amiri Bakara (p.23), Allen Ginsberg (p.44), Gregory Corso (p.56), William S. Burroughs (p.77), and Peter Orlovsky (p.93) by their respective contributions. Orlovsky has also added the note "these poems in Clean A**hole Poems & Smiling Vegetable Songs City Lights 1978." Other featured writers include Michael McClure, Norman Mailer and Kenneth Patchen.
East Side Review: A Magazine of Contemporary Culture was launched in 1966 as an 'intentionally vague', non-profit Literary Publication for "anything that expands, clarifies or stimulates our esthetics". Shepard Sherbell, the editor, was primarily a photographer and photo journalist, whose contribution to this edition is an interview with Herman Kahn, founder of the Hudson Institute and one of the pre-eminent futurists of the latter part of the twentieth century. Gregory Corso also contribtes a fascinating piece, 'Written While Watching Lenny Bruce Obscenity Trial'.
In the 1960s, Sherbell had travelled to London, where he photographed musicians including the Beatles, The Who, Keith Moon, Cat Stevens, Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones and Deep Purple, to name just a few. Later in life, he travelled extensively, covering conflicts and news stories in Grenada, Libya, Afghanistan, Moscow and Iran, and he lived in the Soviet Union from 1991-1993. His book Soviets: Pictures from the End of the USSR was published by Yale University Press in 2001. On 9/11 he was living in Manhattan, near the World Trade Center. The photographs he took that day went on to be published all over the world.