Ten Signed Limited Ian Fleming Pamphlets in Solander Box
Ten Signed Limited Ian Fleming Pamphlets in Solander Box

FLEMING, James; Fergus FLEMING, et al. Ten Signed Limited Ian Fleming Pamphlets in Solander Box.

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A must-have for any Fleming collector.

FLEMING, James; Fergus FLEMING, et al. Ten Signed Limited Ian Fleming Pamphlets in Solander Box. Queen Anne Press, 2017.

8vo., 10 vols; black felt wrap with white printed labels to upper covers; housed in the custom-made black solander box, lined in red suede; lettered in 'Fry's Ornamented' type as favoured by Fleming for first edition copies of Casino Royale (1953) 'ILF' to upper board and 'Ian Fleming The Book Collector' to spine; NEW.
A collection of ten monographs, limited variously to 60 or 120 copies, each hand-numbered and signed by James and Fergus Fleming.
To celebrate its 65th anniversary, The Book Collector magazine devoted its Spring 2017 issue to Ian Fleming, who had launched the publication in 1952. Essays were provided by editors old and new, family and colleagues of the author, as well as Fleming scholars, historians, bibliophiles and regular Book Collector contributors. Subsequently, fine letterpress editions were produced by Stan Lane of Gloucester Typesetting, collected and bound in hardcover or separately in softcovers.
The volumes included are:
- Dust-jacket by Richard Chopping for Ian Fleming's 'You Only Live Twice', 1964 by Mirjam M. Foot, 5pp text plus colour plate, limitation 60. An overview of Fleming’s dust jackets that examines in particular Chopping’s trompe l’oeil image for You Only Live Twice, 1964.
- Friendship and Fiction: Ian Fleming and Robert Harling by A.S.G. Edwards, 10pp text, limitation 60. The interaction between Fleming and his designer/typographer friend Harling and a description of the latter’s career as a fiction writer.
- Books That Had Started Something by Joel Silver, 26pp text, limitation 60. An authoritative and important description of how Fleming’s library of first editions, as well as his correspondence and the Bond manuscripts, was acquired by the Lilly Library at Bloomington University of Indiana.
- Percy Muir: Ian Fleming’s Book Dealer by Nicolas Barker, 13pp text, limitation 60. An encapsulation of Ian’s friendship with Percy Muir, the man who first encouraged his interest in books and who was instrumental in creating his collection. As related by Nicolas Barker who not only knew both Fleming and Muir but owned and edited The Book Collector from 1965 to 2016.
- The Death of the Doctor: Ian Fleming Intervenes by James Fergusson, 11pp text, limitation 60. An interlude that examines Fleming’s brief editorial role at The Book Collector and how members of the book-dealing fraternity may have been connected to the Secret Service.
- Two Bond Collectors by Sheila Markham, 12 pp text, limitation 125. Sheila’s incisive and finely-written interviews have decorated The Book Collector for some time. Here she speaks to two very different Fleming fans: Jeremy Miles and Mike VanBlaricum .
- Collecting Ian Fleming: The Making of a Bibliography by Jon Gilbert, 7pp text, limitation 60. A life devoted to collecting Bond as recounted by the prize-winning author of Ian Fleming: The Bibliography .
- James Bond Invades America: A Tale of Three Publishers by John Cork, 10pp text, limitation 60. An intriguing account of how Fleming’s novels broke into the US market.
- My Uncle Ian by James Fleming, 4pp text, limitation 125. A personal reflection by the author on his father and his uncle. A unique memoir.
- Ian Fleming and The Book Collector by Fergus Fleming, 28pp text, limitation 125. The story of how Fleming acquired The Book Collector and his subsequent battles with fellow directors. A poignant account containing archive material.
(Queen Anne Press)