Truly Thine/ Love's Old Delicious Tale

[VALENTINE BOOKLET.]. Truly Thine/ Love's Old Delicious Tale.

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[VALENTINE BOOKLET.] Truly Thine/ Love's Old Delicious Tale. [c.1900]

A highly decorative 'Valentine's writer' (10 x 16.5 approx.); pp. [iv]; very brightly printed and embossed in multiple colours, with textured edges; glued and tied with blue ribbon; black and white printed image to p.1, printed poem to p.3; a few light marks and creases; ribbon a little frayed and dried glue bleeding slightly inside cover; inscribed 'To Margaret from Bessie'; very good, and charming.
Verse inside reads:
"If I could claim the richest gem
That now lies in the sea,
I'd rather far than have that pearl,
Have one kind thought from thee.
If all the joys of this bright world
Were now spread out to me,
And I were told to make a choice
I'd ask one thought from thee."