Mother and Child in Armchair

[MOVEABLE]. Mother and Child in Armchair.

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[MOVEABLE]. Mother and Child in Armchair. U.S.A., [c.1920].

Two-part Mechanical/Moveable Chromolithographed Valentine; (18 x 18cm approx.); showing a girl rocking child on her knee in an armchair; the two figures attached by split pin allowing them to rock backwards and forwards; with the words ''To My Valentine' printed to upper cover; 'G Trade Mark' printed to rear possibly indicating a German printer; two folds either side allowing the card to be stood upright; a little rubbed to corners and folds; 4 tape residue marks to rear; nonetheless a remarkably bright example.
The fashion of moveable cards was developed in the 19th century, but gained popularity into the early 20th Century, when designs started to become larger and more elaborate. This example, showing two children or perhaps intended as a mother and child, is likely to have been given between a couple who had already started a family, or with the intention of long-term commitment.