Fan with Figures and Flowers

[MOVEABLE]. Fan with Figures and Flowers.

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[MOVEABLE]. Fan with Figures and Flowers. Printed in Germany, [c.1900].

Single-sided Valentine fan; (10 x 15cm approx.); showing a figure and each of the words 'Valentine greetings to the one I love' on each sprong; split-pin allowing movement; original ribbon hanging and connectors to verso; although the reinforced tape perhaps later; some light browning to verso; the ribbon thinned and particularly delicate, as is common; one of the earlier printed fans in very good condition.
Fans have been a popular theme for valentines from the Victorian era through to today, with reproductions of Victorian examples being produced as recently as the 1980s (recognisable as reproductions due to the company name printed on the reverse, not present in this example).