Children Riding Donkey

[MOVEABLE]. Children Riding Donkey.

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[MOVEABLE]. Children Riding Donkey. Germany: [c.1915].

A 'Mechanical Flat' Valentine; (15 x 16.5cm approx.); with multiple layers; scene showing three children and a donkey outside a house; 'To my Love' inside heart to the eaves of the house; folding die-cut window; boy sitting on fence adorned with hearts to the backdrop, second layer with young girl riding donkey; string reins; third layer with girl dressed in pink on sliding tab; the mechanisms a little tampered with, perhaps some loss to fold-outs allowinng for little movement; a vibrant card nonetheleess, slightly browned to verso with a couple of light tape residue marks; previous inscription 'Geraldine/ Grandma Savery' to rear.
Donkeys, of course, conjure biblical connotations, as well as childhood memories - it is perhaps fitting that the previous recipient of this card was someone's granddaughter. Donkeys are most often seen in Valentine's cards of the 1920's-60s period, although most often include some humourous remark or play-on-words such as 'Loads of love' or 'I'm all ears!'.