Girl with Blue Flowers

[3D VALENTINE]. Girl with Blue Flowers.

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[3D VALENTINE]. Girl with Blue Flowers. Printed in Germany, [c.1900].

Printed two-tier Valentine; (8 x 12cm approx.); with girl carrying blue flowers in a wheelbarrow, and shown in vase to backdrop; with 'Valentine Greetings' banner to front section; a vibrant example, with the odd crease to delicate cut-outs; and with previous inscription: 'To Laura from --- and ---' written in ink to verso; near-fine. Wonderfully fresh for its age.
Floriography, or the interpretation of flowers, was very important in the Victorian period for hiding coded messages of love and affection. Azaleas, for example, indicate temperance, while striped carnations mean refusal. In this example, the four-leafed clovers could mean 'be mine', while blue violets indicate faithfulness.